[Mono-dev] XSP Timeout setting

Lev Walkin vlm at lionet.info
Thu Feb 9 16:12:11 EST 2006

Yogendra Thakur wrote:
> Hi , 
> My aspx page perform some task on button-click. Sometimes it take more
> than 3/4 mins to perform this task and return status to user.
> But after 2 min, broswer shows 500 internal server error.
> I suspect XSP server times out the request after 2 min.
> Is there anyway I can set this timeout value for XSP server?

You should be prepared to output "I am alive, wait a bit more" kinds of
messages to the client. For HTML browser, it is sufficient to feed
whitespace or something like this every 30 seconds or so.

Lev Walkin
vlm at lionet.info

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