[Mono-dev] [Fwd: [Mono-patches] r56693 - trunk/mcs/class/System/System.Net]

Atsushi Eno atsushi at ximian.com
Thu Feb 9 03:13:44 EST 2006


The latest FtpWebRequest seems depending on the FtpWebResponse which
is probably only in your box.

svn up -r 56692 in mcs/System/System.Net solved the problem.

Atsushi Eno

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Subject: [Mono-patches] r56693 - trunk/mcs/class/System/System.Net
Date: Thu,  9 Feb 2006 00:22:51 -0500 (EST)
From: Carlos Alberto Cortes (is118149 at mail.udlap.mx) 
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Author: calberto
Date: 2006-02-09 00:22:50 -0500 (Thu, 09 Feb 2006)
New Revision: 56693

2006-02-08  Carlos Alberto Cortez <calberto.cortez at gmail.com>

	* FtpWebRequest.cs: Add renaming support when using
	WebRequestMethods.Ftp.Rename method.

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