[Mono-dev] System.DirectoryServices

Daniel Peñalba Acitores dpenalba at codicesoftware.com
Wed Feb 8 09:32:36 EST 2006

There is a problem with the implementation of this library. 

Mono implementation of DirectoryServices uses a library provided by Novell (C# LDAP Library).

Getting the objectSID of a user or a group, I've seen that the Microsoft Framework library (DirectoryServices.dll) returns the SID as a byte[28].

Nevertheless, the length of the arrays with Novell Ldap Library are 27 in some cases, and 26 in other.

When the length is 27, the lost byte is the 14th (starting in 0).

When the length is 26, the lost bytes are 14th and 24th.

There is two examples in hex. The first column is the number of byte. The second column is each byte retrieved by Novell lybrary (hex), and the third column is each byte retrieved by Framework library.

 n | Novell | Framework
 0)  0x1      0x1    
 1)  0x5      0x5    
 2)  0x0      0x0
 3)  0x0      0x0
 4)  0x0      0x0
 5)  0x0      0x0
 6)  0x0      0x0
 7)  0x5      0x5
 8)  0x15     0x15
 9)  0x0      0x0
10)  0x0      0x0
11)  0x0      0x0
12)  0x78     0x78  
13)  0x2E     0x2E
14)  ----     0x9D <----- This byte doesnt exist
15)  0x13     0x13
16)  0x54     0x54
17)  0x19     0x19
18)  0xE      0xE
19)  0x29     0x29
20)  0x43     0x43
21)  0x17     0x17
22)  0xA      0xA
23)  0x32     0x32
24)  0x57     0x57
25)  0x4      0x4
26)  0x0      0x0
27)  0x0      0x0 

I'm reviewing the code in order to find this bug.

If I have news, i will report this to this list.
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