[Mono-dev] RE: FW: [PATCH] Enum XML (de)serialization fixes

Gert Driesen gert.driesen at telenet.be
Wed Feb 8 05:10:57 EST 2006


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> Sent: woensdag 8 februari 2006 10:55
> To: Gert Driesen
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> Subject: Re: [Mono-dev] RE: FW: [PATCH] Enum XML 
> (de)serialization fixes
> Gert, thanks for a great copyright infringement.

Copyright infringement ?? You asked me to take the discussion to the mailing
list, no ?

> It'd be even nicer
> if you didn't omit the entire first mail that you sent me.

Not sure which one you're talking about, but feel free to post it to the

The only reason I don't send some messages to the list, is because I don't
want to bother people with a message that is only intended for someone
specific (like asking you to have a look at a patch, which was sent to the
list earlier). That's all !

> For my private favor (such as "Yes, I prefer POX much over SOAP" and
> "Yes I'm not a fan of already-failed compatiblity by 
> Microsoft itself"),
> I'll reply to you privately.

Ok, np.

> Many tests were someone else's bad, so I thought it's not something
> you should fix. 

I know, but I really don't understand why you have problems with someone
fixing someone else's bugs.

I'd think you'd encourage that, certainly if the fixes are backed by unit

> However the reason of the failure largely looked
> identical so I thought that it'd be best to ask you to take care of
> them.

Ok, and I was happy to do that. And look what we're keeping ourselves busy
with now. I don't understand why every patch that I submit needs to cause
this much discussion.

I would understand it, if the changes were not covered by unit tests. But
they are, and they clearly show bugs in Mono (you can call them
compatibility issues if you want, I call them bugs ;-)).

> If you don't think it is no problem, then I don't understand why
> you didn't CC to the list from the first stage. If I were you,
> I wouldn't have done that in the same message. That is what I
> said "bad".

> You can start marking bad lines in my messages but legally
> you cannot make it public. It is even non-publicated authority,
> and you didn't absolutely do it "by mistake".

Man , I really don't understand what you're doing here. Are you really
enjoying this ?

Do you currently need a lawyer if you want to get involved in open-source
development ?

Instead of appreciating patches and encouraging people to submit them, you
give them this talk about copyright infringement and stuff ?

All I was trying to do was to get a few bugs fixed, nothing more and nothing
less ...

This should supposed to be fun!


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