[Mono-dev] LDAP SIDs

Daniel Peñalba dpenalba at codicesoftware.com
Tue Feb 7 12:53:16 EST 2006


I have a little problem using DirectoryServices in mono, and I thought somebody perhaps could solve it.

I am developing on Linux and Windows. My application uses an ActiveDirectory Server (Windows 2003), and I need to ask this server.

I need get the SIDs of users and groups. I tried with this code:

DirectoryEntry de = new DirectoryEntry( ..........); // Get a user or a group
object SID = de.Properties["objectSID"][0];

I've seen that the Framework returns the SID as a byte[], nevertheless, Mono returns the SID as a String.

The lengths of the byte arrays are 28 (framework), but the length of the strings are 27 in some cases, and 26 in other (mono).

Do you know why? Can you help me with this problem?

Thanks for all.

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