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    Hello Aaron,

    I'll reply your message inline :

Em Seg, 2006-02-06 às 14:34 +1100, Aaron Oxford escreveu: 

> Hello everyone.
> <offtopic ramble="always">
> I'm bombing you mailing list with this request because I am a nasty little 
> Win32 programmer who knows virtually nothing about Linux. I'd like to get 
> the Open Source project I'm working on to run under Linux, so I thought 
> maybe you guys could help.
> To be straight up and down from the outset: at this point I'm not 
> interested in installing and learning about Linux. I've seen some stuff 
> come and go in my time and although I know Linux is here to stay, I just 
> don't have the time and energy to invest in learning a whole heap of new 
> technologies - I do it at work and I do it for my project, that is enough! 
> I need to gain enough information to get my project to work under Linux for 
> the people who want it, nothing more. Learning Linux is on my list of 
> Things To Do, just not near the top. :-)
> OK so now you know a bit about me and where I'm coming from. I'm writing an 
> audio application on SourceForge called VioLet Composer, and some people 
> would like to see it working under Linux. OK, so here's what I know (it 
> isn't much)...

    I took a look on your project and it looks cool. Congratulations for
the effort of porting to Mono.

> 1) The guts of my program, written in C# using basic Windows Forms, should 
> work OK if someone were to convert it to a Mono project.

    Windows Forms 1.1 compatibility should be ok, and 2.0 is under
development, so stick to 1.1 and you will save a lot of headache.

> 2) My audio routines, done with PortAudio, should be able to be replicated 
> without me rewriting the whole app. I've got a C# binding for PortAudio 
> that works under Windows, thanks to some cut and paste work and a friendly 
> W32 OSS developer.

    I have found a class called AudioPortal which uses DirectX
assemblies, you should get rid of it to be mono compatible, maybe you
could use SDL, there is a mono binding called SDL.NET
( http://cs-sdl.sourceforge.net ) it will work under most of the
platforms that mono is available.

> Now what I really need is someone who is enthusiastic about Linux, audio, 
> and deployment, and has some spare time to work with me. Failing that, if 
> someone could fill in the following enourmous blanks in my picture of the 
> world:
> 1) What's the Linux equivalent of a DLL, and can they be written using 
> Mono? Is there a Mono project to build PortAudio.dll for Linux?

    The DLL (*.dll) equivalent on Linux is called SO (*.so) . 

    It looks like PortAudio project has been stalled since 2003, so
maybe SDL.NET would be a good alternative.

> 2) What's the likely hood that naive statement #1 above is true? I haven't 
> done anything fancy with web services or databases, just some controls that 
> I paint myself and an audio output class (which was previously done with 
> DirectX and in preparation for this has now been part-way converted to 
> PortAudio).

        Maybe you could have some minor problems with the controls you
paint yourself, but it's better to try it first.

> 3) How does one deploy for Linux these days? Do you all still run makefiles 
> and stuff (groan...)? Does Mono have Linux equivalents for locations like 
> $rootdrive:\$docs+settings\$current user\application data? (That would be 
> /usr/$username/etc right?)

    To distribute the source code you could use nant it will work under
Windows (there are visual studio plug-ins for this) and on linux also.

    To distribute the binaries

> I guess really what I'm asking is, would anyone like to take my source and 
> make it go under Linux, then tell me how they did it and what I need to do 
> to make the fortnightly release. :-) Failing that bear with me while I ask 
> a whole heap of dumb questions about installing Linux and Mono... :-D
> </offtopic>
> Hve a nice day,
> Aaron.
> PS You guys rock for making and using Mono in the first place. If you had 
> only been a few months earlier I might have been doing this the right way 
> from the start. :-)
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