[Mono-dev] DataTable bug in 1.1.13

Michael Hunley michael at codecobblers.com
Sun Feb 5 12:15:52 EST 2006

Yes, I will file a bug report sometime later today and note that the 
schema is being partially filled in from .Fill() instead of only from 
FillSchema and/or AddWithKey.

At 04:24 AM 2/5/2006, T Senganal wrote:
> >> Attached is a proposed patch which is supposed to fix the issue.
>The patch would cause DbDataAdapter to completly ignore AllowDBNull
>Value, even when FillSchema is used ..
>The solution would be to set the AllowDBNull only if
>MissingSchemaAction is set to AddWithKey and ignore it otherwise..
>Michael, Can you pls file a bug report ..

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