[Mono-dev] DataTable bug in 1.1.13

T Senganal tsenganal at novell.com
Sun Feb 5 10:17:24 EST 2006


>The default for AllowDBNull is true, so only when MissingSchemaAction
>set to AddWithKey and when it's logically correct, the AllowDBNull
>be set to false - exactly what we need. Please verify this with the

Ignore my prev suggestion to set it if is MissingSchemaAction  set to
AddWithKey.. That was incorrect :-(

FillSchema needs to set the AllowDBNull value unless
MissingSchemaAction is Ignore or Error.

If we apply the patch, then AllowDBNull value wil lbe set only if
MissingSchemaAction is AddWithKey 'and'
other conditions like (isKey etc) are true and that is not correct..
Pls refer to bug #76433 ..

Will need to dig a lil bit more on this.. ms.net seems to depend on the
value of CommandBehavior (have to verify this).. 


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