[Mono-dev] DataTable bug in 1.1.13

Konstantin Triger kostat at mainsoft.com
Sun Feb 5 05:31:38 EST 2006

Hello Michael,


What is the situation in MS .Net:

Do they correctly detect both the "Allow NULL" flag and the default
value or neither of them?



Konstantin Triger



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This is partially to report an issue in a somewhat fringe aspect of
DataTable and partially a query to see if others have run into this and
if there is a known fix.

I am merging two DataTables based on the key.  The resulting table's
schema is a superset of the columns from each table.  On windows I am
building using .NET 2003 and the 1.1 framework.  On Mono I was
originally using 1.1.10 and have just switched to 1.1.13 on a Linux
Redhat 9 machine.   This problem did not occur in Mono 1.1.10, but
showed up immediately after switching to 1.1.13.

One of the two tables is a result of a SELECT using the MySql .NET
connector (latest).  The other is constructed from data mining, but has
a subset of the columns of the SQL query.  Under Mono 1.1.13 I suddenly
get an exception that one of the merged lines (an added line) cannot
have a specific column be null.  It is one of the columns that is not
present in the mined data, so it gets set to the default (which is

Under MS .NET 1.1 the DataTable from the SQL query does not have any of
the schema set, like whether a column can be NULL or its default value.
Under Mono 1.1.13 part of it is set.
It appears that Mono is now correctly getting the flag that a column
cannot be NULL from the SQL schema, but is not correctly getting the
default value.  Since I am building the MySQL .NET connector from source
on both targets, this is an issue under Mono, not an issue within the
MySQL code I think.

I have not tried this using the Mono 2.0 or MS .NET 2.0 version.

Anyone have a fix for this?  I am currently setting the
DataTable.Columns default values for those that cannot be NULL to make
sure I can make insertions that do not set those fields as I would in


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