[Mono-dev] Utilizing the C# Parser

lukas einkemmer lukas.einkemmer at gmx.at
Fri Feb 3 17:22:51 EST 2006


> if you whish to get only the namespaces, classes, methods, etc... but
> nothing about the code inside the methods, etc... I would suggest you to
> System.Reflection and/or Cecil
unfortuenately reflection is not an option because I can not gurantee that
the source code is compileable. I want i.e. takr file xy.cs and get the
structure of it independently if the file depends on some other Classes or
I mean you can parse i.e
MyType func() {}
without knowing what MyType exactly is (which I need to create an assembly).

> Now, the reality is that MCS is not a library, and we do not make any
> kind of guarantees about is API stability, and its also licensed under
> the GPL which might be a problem if used in a commercial product.
GPL is not a problem at all but I simply dont get it work at the moment.

@Monodevelop Parser
You are taling about the 
and the
classes right?

I only took a glance at it but it looks promising.
I saw that these Parser classes depends for example on the Project
class but as long I am not using any of the gtk# gui I should have
no probs get it running on windows too. right?


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