[Mono-dev] The State Of Mono Assembly Verification?

Joachim Ante joe at otee.dk
Thu Feb 2 14:41:23 EST 2006

> A few weeks ago I asked about something related to this, currently when
> the JIT encounters something it does not like, it bails out in the form
> of a g_abort, and the question was whether there were any reasons not to
> try to recover from this gracefully and return an exception.
> Zoltan suggested that we should implement a proper verifier, but if the
> right way of doing verification is by sending the method to the JIT,
> then we should go down the path I proposed (email pasted at the end).
I second this. It would be very very useful for us if mono wouldn't g_assert
but throw exceptions when the dll is invalid/broken/obfuscated/maliciously

Joachim Ante

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