[Mono-dev] The State Of Mono Assembly Verification?

Paolo Molaro lupus at ximian.com
Thu Feb 2 07:58:08 EST 2006

On 01/30/06 Jim Purbrick wrote:
> I've been experimenting with calling
> mono_image_verify_tables and mono_method_verify a la
> pedump, but I think verification is erroneously
> failing, especially when verifying branching. 

mono_method_verify () has been superseded by verification during
JIT time. The latter is more correct and complete, though a few
checks are still missing.

> Does that sound about right? Is there anything else
> missing from the verification code? Is fixing the code

There are several rules to enforce, we haven't yet scheduled a
full audit to make all the checks and make sure they are correct.

> the best thing to do? How much work would it be? Would
> anyone like to help me fix it? Are there any other

Mono development is driven by user needs and user contributions,
so contributing fixes and features is the best way to get something
done. We'll help with advice, code reviews, and actual code, since
full verification is one of our mid/long term goals anyway. Plus
it helps to know that some people actually need the feature.
I suggest starting with a comprehensive list of test cases that we
can use as a test suite for the verification process.

> open CLI assembly verifiers I could use instead?

There is no complete and tested verifier, so your best bet is to
help us improve the mono one. Also note that a verifier is not enough
to ensure secure execution: you need also the CAS runtime support
that Sebastien has been working on (activated with the --security switch).


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