[Mono-dev] Building Mono on Linux/Alpha

Sergey Tikhonov tsv at solvo.ru
Wed Feb 1 02:32:34 EST 2006

Zoltan Varga wrote:

>                 Hi,
>preferred method.

How I have something that produces some code, which of cause doesn't 
work. :) But I got an idea.
I have some problems that someone could help me with.
I could not understand what the "mono_arch_allocate_vars" is supposed to 
do. I copied it from another arch and
it seems to work, but I don't understand it. At what point and for what 
reason the JIT calls it? Based on the trace
the "mono_arch_allocate_vars" is called when JIT finds "calli" IL opcode.
Another problem is implementing "iconst/i8const" opcode (it is a simple 
one but it would help to understand the internals).
Alpha doesn't have instructions to load 64bits contstant to a register, 
but there are other instructions that I could use to emulate this.
I need one temporary register, but I could not understand how to reserve 
it (at what point). Let say I don't want to add new opcode.
The definition is "iconst" opcode in md file uses only one "dest" register.

Thank you,

Sergey Tikhonov
Solvo Ltd.
tsv at solvo.ru

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