[Mono-dev] System.IO or Mono.Unix

Luciano _ lnc19 at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 22 14:17:58 EST 2006

Thanks to you and jonathan.
You are right, i don't need (at this moment) any native calls, maybe in the 
future i will use mixed solution. i was thinking that maybe it was faster 
Mono.Unix than System.IO.


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>Luciano _ wrote:
> > First: I'm developing an application that use System.IO and i read that
> > there are some IO operation classes in the Mono.Unix namespace. Which
>is the
> > best solution? System.IO or Mono.Unix? I'm developing a Linux-Only
> > Application.
>The simple answer would be: does your application depend on knowledge of
>the specifics of Linux or Unix filesystem semantics?  If so, you should use
>the native calls.  Otherwise, use the portable calls.
>For example, writing Linux backup software would definitely need to use the
>Mono.Unix calls, since the program needs to accurately backup the
>information directly.
> > Second: Could someone explain (example) how
> > Mono.Unix.DirectoryInfo.GetEntries works?  i need to get all the
> > directories/files/symbolic links and: length, datetime creation and
> > modified, fullpath, etc.  I don't understand how to use the returned
> > (Mono.Unix.Native.Dirent) and how to convert to UnixFileInfo or
> > UnixSymbolicLinkInfo.
>The only portable field in the Dirent is d_name, which will give you a
>string.  Use Mono.Unix.Native.lstat to get the rest of the information.
>The names UnixSymbolicLinkInfo and UnixFileInfo are kind of misleading.  I
>personally think that wrapper is more confusing than it is worth.  The
>lstat will fill in a Mono.Unix.Native.Stat which will have what you want.
>Remember, you might need the routines in Mono.Unix.Marshal to convert the
>Posix time fields to something useful in the rest of Mono.  I have not had
>success doing these conversions without confusion between localtime and
>UTC, though.
>The question you are asking suggests you need to use the native calls.

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