[Mono-dev] SQL query encoding problem using mod_mono

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Thu Dec 21 09:38:09 EST 2006

Ronan wrote:
> Hi,
> Inserting and extracting special characters from a MySQL database works 
> fine with console application or web application using XSP.
> But web application using mod_mono don't insert or extract correctly 
> special characters as accents (special characters are stored as '?').
> Is there a solution for mod_mono working with MySQL ?
> Is ByteFX better than MySQL Connector ?
> Is there a provider for MySQL which could be used with .Net 2.0 ?
> I already post a message two years ago for the same problem, without 
> response. Please help...

You just have to set the proper encoding of your files in the
web.config, for example:



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