[Mono-dev] Building Mono Using Scratchbox

Barry Bennett bbennett at filss.com
Wed Dec 20 15:26:54 EST 2006

Several days ago I posted a message about being able to cross compile 
mono for an ARM device.  I got some interesting suggestions, but 
nothing that would get me thru a successful build.  Given that no one 
seemed to have a solution to using a traditional cross compilation 
build method, I chose to investigate using scratchbox which was 
suggested to me as the "simple" solution to all of my problems.

Not knowing anything about scratchbox, I spent several days working 
with it to get it installed and setup.  Seems that the scratchbox 
documentation is quite a bit out of date (so as a new user to that 
environment there is not much in the way of accurate 
documentation.)  I think my scratchbox installation is correct now 
and I am back to the initial problem of building mono for the ARM, 
this time using scratchbox.

I've tried a few things that were suggested to me as well as some 
things from postings I've read about doing this, but none of them 
have worked.  (In fact I think I was closer using a traditional cross 
compilation build method.)  Does anyone have experience with building 
mono using scratchbox for an ARM target type?  If so, is there a set 
of "reasonably" detailed instructions on how to do it?  (By 
"reasonably detailed" I am hoping to get a little more detail than 
something like type: "./configure" and "make" and scratchbox will do 
all of the rest.)

Mono seems like a really well done managed execution environment and 
I would like to switch to it from the dotGNU environment which seems 
less complete and not as active.  Funny thing is that building dotGNU 
for the ARM was very easy.  I was up an running in several hours.  So 
far after 2 weeks I have yet to get mono to even build for the 
ARM.  This was not the path I was expecting to be on given that mono 
is supposed to support the ARM so well.

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