[Mono-dev] upgrading nunit to newer version

joel reed joel.reed at ddiworld.com
Tue Dec 19 15:44:34 EST 2006

Any chance nunit could be upgraded to a newer version? In creating 
testcases for my TeamFoundation assemblies, I found a case where an 
exception class marked "internal" would be thrown if "$/" is not 
prepended to a project name. However, because the exception class marked 
is marked internal, I couldn't use ExpectedExceptionAttribute with a 
typeof. In nunit 2.2.9, you can do a 
[ExpectedException("System.InvalidOperationException")], which would I 
think help in these scenarios.

I say "I think" because I tried to pull in a newer nunit, but was 
getting some very bizarre exceptions. I'd try harder if I knew such a 
patch (which upgraded nunit) might be acceptable in general.

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