[Mono-dev] Microsoft.TeamFoundation APIs

joel reed joel.reed at ddiworld.com
Mon Dec 18 09:51:42 EST 2006

Charlie Poole wrote:
> Separate from the question of where this belongs and how it relates
> to Mono, I'd love to have a way to access the Microsoft CodePlex
> repositories that doesn't involve use of TFS. 

Good idea. I'll test my code against codeplex in addition to my local 
TFS server.

> Any thoughts of working on the Microsoft unit test APIs? There's
> a work in progress to allow NUnit to run those tests, but it
> requires a copy of the Microsoft dlls to do it. Removing that
> limitation would be quite powerful.

When I finish up what I need with the version control APIs, I'd probably 
take a look at the issue tracking stuff next. The unit test APIs would 
be interesting, but I prefer just using Nunit :)


> Charlie
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>> I've been working on implementing the Team Foundation Server 
>> APIs and currently have partial implementations of about 45 
>> classes. I'm currently working on the test suite and fixing 
>> bugs, comparing the test suite output against my 
>> implementation and MS's. As part of this work, I also have a 
>> tfs.exe utility that can display all the projects in a 
>> repository and download all the files in any particular project.
>> These are the namespaces I've been working on:
>>    Microsoft.TeamFoundation
>>    Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Common
>>    Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Client
>>    Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Client
>> I've been working on this within the context of the mono olive tree. 
>> That is, I've added all my code to this tree locally, and 
>> integrated it into the build system.
>> Is the olive project the right place for an implementation of 
>> the the Team Foundation Server APIs? Or the mono project? Or 
>> just a separate sourceforge project? Just looking for some 
>> guidance here.
>> jr
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