[Mono-dev] Important Developers: Moma Reports Updated.

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Fri Dec 15 23:06:04 EST 2006


    I have done a small set of tuneups to the reports, instead of
showing the count of APIs missing as a grand total, I show the number of
APIs missing by application.

    Also, the reports now include a per-class breakdown. 

    So instead of having a highly inflated number by a handful of
applications, we now get the counts per application.  For example, in
the past the most listed missing method was reported with 2,727 calls: 

2727 System.Void System.Data.SqlClient.SqlParameter::.ctor (...)

    But we only had 3 users, these are the counts for those 3 users:

    280 406f3c0cd8cf460d9542c6d8af767e11.txt
    100 59ca8a260e1d402c8ab6478b024bb71c.txt
   2347 6f0051e344094e9095f4109533f69c39.txt

   The old inflated reports are still available, but I dont think they
are as useful.

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