[Mono-dev] Cross Compiling Mono For ARM

Thomas Strecker thomas.strecker at dai-labor.de
Fri Dec 15 10:03:15 EST 2006

I did that (and disabled a few more options to reduce the foot print) to
get a mono running on the Nokia 770. A minimal "Hello World" C# program
does actually run, even a GTK# application. Unfortunately it seems that
log4net's trying to open a log file seems to crash the whole thing. I
haven't managed to track down the problem thoroughly yet. Maybe it's a
log4net problem, maybe it's in the syscalls/icalls (I don't have a
complete understanding of the code, as you may guess).
I'm constantly trying to compile the latest SVN or the daily snapshots,
whenever I can - but since our goal is to use mono and not to port it, I
have very little time to use on the matter.
If anyone could contribute ideas or suggest where the code needs to be
patched to fully work with ARM(EL), I'd be thankful.
	ciao Thomas

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On 12/14/06 Barry Bennett wrote:
> I would like to compile on a X86 Linux machine, but the generated 
> output is for the ARM platform.  Any suggestions on how to do this 
> would be appreciated.

Install scratchbox (www.scratchbox.org), then you only need to do:

	./configure --disable-mcs-build


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