[Mono-dev] Cross Compiling Mono For ARM

Barry Bennett bbennett at filss.com
Thu Dec 14 10:24:39 EST 2006

Does anyone have a good example of what settings to use for 
configuring the Mono project for building for an ARM processor, 
specifically the Atmel AT91RM9200 series?  I've read numerous posts 
about cross compiling Mono which suggests it has been successfully 
done but the posts never really seem to give much detail on how to do 
it.  The few that do provide some details do not work as far as I can tell.

Using the --help option with ./configure provides some details on 
some important configuration options as follows:

   --build=BUILD     configure for building on BUILD [guessed]
   --host=HOST       cross-compile to build programs to run on HOST [BUILD]
   --target=TARGET   configure for building compilers for TARGET [HOST]

I would like to compile on a X86 Linux machine, but the generated 
output is for the ARM platform.  Any suggestions on how to do this 
would be appreciated.

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