[Mono-dev] WebService request Timed out

APS dev.malst at apsystems.it
Wed Dec 13 13:05:48 EST 2006

Reading to this post 
I've found the answer to the Name Resolution error, it seems to be an 
XSP issue.
Using ip instead of domain name (bypassing the name resolution 
problem) I've found the second problem and as in a LAN the test page 
works well I formuled my hypothesis.
It's only a guess. Trying to understand what happens I suggest a 
possibility, searching for an hint.
Using a DNS name could be not so simple in some situation and it's 
only a workaround, not a solution.

At 15.45 13/12/2006, you wrote:
>If it is truly the case that a mono webservice must be able to 
>access itself by the url used to call it, then the simple solution 
>is the following.
>Use a DNS hostname which resolves to the public IP of your NAT router.
>Forward port 80 to your xsp/apache server.
>Put the hostname into the hosts file on the xsp/apache server, but 
>use the server's private IP or loopback address.
>Although I would be interested to know where you found information 
>stating this to be the case. My guess is that there is something else going on.
>APS wrote:
>>I've developed and installed a webservice application.
>>Testing it connecting from the LAN it works well, when I NAT the 
>>server making it reachable from internet I start having problems.
>>Using the test form, if I test it using the domain name I receive a 
>>Name Resolution error.
>>Looking on the net I've found that mono webservices needs to be 
>>able to resolve the dns name used for calling it, and this can be 
>>the source of the Name Resolution error, I can fix it with a dns workaround.
>>If I test it using the public ip address (that is converted into 
>>the private ip address by Squid) after a while I receive a 
>>"System.Web.HttpException: The request timed out."
>>I think that the second step (after name resolution) is that 
>>webservice needs to be able to contact the resolved ip or the ip 
>>used to call it.
>>If this is true it can be a problem cause it's usual to have a 
>>server not directly connected to internet but only natted and 
>>usually this server is not able to reach the public ip used to call it.
>>I tried the same webservice under m$ framework 1.1 with the same 
>>network settings and it seems to work correctly.
>>I don't think mono can have this limitation so probably I'm missing 
>>something. Could someone give me an hint?
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