[Mono-dev] WebService request Timed out

Ben Timby btimby at gmail.com
Wed Dec 13 09:45:54 EST 2006

If it is truly the case that a mono webservice must be able to access 
itself by the url used to call it, then the simple solution is the 

Use a DNS hostname which resolves to the public IP of your NAT router.

Forward port 80 to your xsp/apache server.

Put the hostname into the hosts file on the xsp/apache server, but use 
the server's private IP or loopback address.

Although I would be interested to know where you found information 
stating this to be the case. My guess is that there is something else 
going on.

APS wrote:
> Hi,
> I've developed and installed a webservice application.
> Testing it connecting from the LAN it works well, when I NAT the 
> server making it reachable from internet I start having problems.
> Using the test form, if I test it using the domain name I receive a 
> Name Resolution error.
> Looking on the net I've found that mono webservices needs to be able 
> to resolve the dns name used for calling it, and this can be the 
> source of the Name Resolution error, I can fix it with a dns workaround.
> If I test it using the public ip address (that is converted into the 
> private ip address by Squid) after a while I receive a 
> "System.Web.HttpException: The request timed out."
> I think that the second step (after name resolution) is that 
> webservice needs to be able to contact the resolved ip or the ip used 
> to call it.
> If this is true it can be a problem cause it's usual to have a server 
> not directly connected to internet but only natted and usually this 
> server is not able to reach the public ip used to call it.
> I tried the same webservice under m$ framework 1.1 with the same 
> network settings and it seems to work correctly.
> I don't think mono can have this limitation so probably I'm missing 
> something. Could someone give me an hint?
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