[Mono-dev] Connection to a sybase ASA database

Mads Bondo Dydensborg mbd at dbc.dk
Mon Dec 11 02:23:15 EST 2006

mandag 11 december 2006 07:48 skrev Mads Bondo Dydensborg:
> fredag 08 december 2006 17:44 skrev Daniel Morgan:
> > No one is maintaining the Mono.Data.TdsClient.
> > Mono.Data.SybaseClient might be better.  Both of these
> > including System.Data.SqlClient use Mono.Data.Tds
> > which implements the TDS protocol.
> OK - I will try those instead.

I have now tried the sqlsharp program instead, which uses the SybaseClient 

Here is a dump:

SQL# \defaults

The default Provider is LOADEXTPROVIDER
  Assembly: Mono.Data.SybaseClient, Version=1.0.5000.0, Culture=neutral, 
  Connection Class: Mono.Data.SybaseClient.SybaseConnection

The default ConnectionString is:
    "Server=localhost,2638;Database=asademo;User ID=DBA;Password=SQL"

SQL# \open
Opening connection...
Loading external provider...
External provider loaded.
Exception Caught Opening. ASA Error -83: Specified database not found


Now, here is what my sybase database says:

TCP/IP: Received connection request from
Connection from assigned connection ID 2
TDS 2: connection created
TDS 2: login
TDS 2: using TDS version
TDS 2: login: user 'DBA', database '', application 'Mono SybaseClient Data 
Provide', host 'localhost.localdomain', host_pid '37876', charset 'iso_1'
TDS 2: request complete

As you can see, the sybase database reckons that no database name is passed.

I have seen this described earlier, but no resolution.

Running SybaseTest gives very much the same results.

I tried tracking the code in mono, and it does appear that the database name 
gets lost in there in my case. It should reside in "ITds".parms which is a 
TDSConnectionParameters, but if I try dumping it, after calling open (which 
fails), no database is set. However, I find tracking the code to the Tds 
system a bit complex, so I can not at this point figure out why that would be 
the case.

Any advice much appreciated.



Med venlig hilsen/Regards

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