[Mono-dev] MonoTODO attribute usage policy.

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Fri Dec 8 14:06:20 EST 2006


> We at Mainsoft would like to extend the MonoTODO for documentation
> purposes and for the benenfit of tools (like NOMA).
> For that end I propose the following change:
>   Define - enum MonoTODOCategory { NotSupported, Limitation,
> DocumentationNote, Extension, InternalRemark }
>   Add a ctor to MonoTODO attribute with the enum as the first param.

It could be a property, so you could do:

	[MonoTODO("...."), Reason=Somereason]

> This way it will be easy to identify the reason the MonoTODO was added
> to the code and use it properly in the documentation or tool.
> Any comments are welcome.

That sounds like a passable idea

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