[Mono-dev] winforms labels and panels

David Suárez dsuarezv at codicesoftware.com
Wed Aug 30 08:28:06 EDT 2006



We are developing a SCM product on .NET, and have been trying to run server
and some clients on linux / mono very successfully. However we are having
some issues with winforms. 


I attach a couple of screenshots detailing the problem. They are from our
merge tool, and it seems there is something wrong with the height of both
panels and labels containing images, and the handling of transparency. They
are taken on 1.1.17, although same behavior was present on 1.1.16. 


There seems to be a little issue with the size of the splitters, when the
default height or width is not used. 


I know winforms is being actively developed so, is this something incomplete
yet, or just a bug?


Kind regards


David Suarez

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