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Paul paul at all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Thu Aug 31 12:23:36 EDT 2006


> > I've attached them all to this email - they're not huge in themselves,
> > but they do change where packages go - and go correctly!
> Why the use of $libdir instead of $prefix/lib?

Simple. $libdir takes the libraries created to the correct directory
(/usr/lib64 on a 64 bit platform, /usr/lib on 32 bit and whereever they
go on other platforms) - $prefix/lib points to one place. There is also
the option of defining libdir on the command line when building mono but
with the $prefix/lib, it's a completely futile act as they never go
anywhere other than $prefix/lib (so if you don't define $prefix,
it's /usr)

> These are all managed programs, with no use of native libraries, so why
> do they need to be in $prefix/lib64 on 64-bit architectures?  What's
> wrong with sticking with $prefix/lib?

It's not just Linux though that mono is out there for. Different
architectures want to put libraries in different places. By using
$libdir, the architecture/underpinning OS decides where they should go.
I'm also one of those nuts who things 64 bit libs and 32 bit libs should
be kept apart. /usr/lib64 is for 64 bit libs.

> (Alternatively, why are they in $libdir or $prefix/lib at all?  Surely
> $prefix/share would make more sense, given that they don't use native
> code...)

I'd agree the $prefix/share would be a far better place for libraries
not glued to something else, but that's not happened.


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