[Mono-dev] BindingList?

John Hatton hattonlists at gmail.com
Thu Aug 31 06:06:36 EDT 2006


> Any other suggestions to work around a dependency on BindingList -
including using other similar mono classes - will be great though.

We ran into the same thing recently, so we rolled a partial replacement,
InMemoryBindingList<T>.  This isn't everything that BindingList does, but it
does implement IBindingList.

You can see/get the code here:
http://code.wesay.org/WeSay/trunk/src/WeSay.Data/InMemoryBindingList.cs .
Unit tests are at http://code.wesay.org/WeSay/trunk/src/WeSay.Data.Tests/
Feel free to use it however you want.

John Hatton

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