[Mono-dev] gendarme: nant build files

Charlie Poole charlie at nunit.com
Wed Aug 30 14:06:10 EDT 2006

Hi Sebastien, 

> > I have no idea whether .net prebuild would help me or just 
> give me a 
> > fifth build option, but it's intriguing enough an idea that 
> I plan to 
> > take a look.
> Please share your findings :-)
> Learning by example is much easier ;-)

I will. Now I only have to find the time to do it. :-)
> > Of course, the best of both worlds - for eithe of us - would be for 
> > someone to actually create the solution and contribute it. :-)
> *and* maintain it, or ensure it's easily maintainable by others.

Yes... one always hopes that a contribution comes with the contributor
attached, but it isn't always so.
> But I see your (and Curtis) point so here's a little change:
> I'm open to a third, contributor-maintained, build system for Gendarme
> *or* a new build system that will:
> (a) replace the existing ones (Makefile and MonoDevelop);
> (b) won't require a new dependency for Linux end users, which 
> may compile Gendarme from source or SVN;
> (c) will be simpler/faster to maintain (for me) as the two 
> current ones (which is, right now, pretty simple and fast).

This is a very useful discussion for me, since I'm trying to understand
what changes are needed in order to begin distributing NUnit on an equal 
basis for both MS.Net and Mono. But that's getting off the topic of
gendarme, so I'll save it for another thread. :-)


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