[Mono-dev] [Mono-list] Announce: Mono.Fuse (+ Required Mono.Posix Changes)

Jonathan Pryor jonpryor at vt.edu
Wed Aug 30 07:19:57 EDT 2006

On Tue, 2006-08-29 at 23:12 -0700, Valient Gough wrote: 
> I've responded separately to Jon because I find his comments inflammatory.

The only inflammatory bit was saying that I didn't like the SULF API.

Which is about as inflammatory as saying Java collections suck (no
language integration like System.Array integration
System.Collections.IList), that System.Windows.Forms sucks, and that
System.Diagnostics.EventLog sucks...

> The SULF project you reference predates the FUSE low-level API and
> even the latest couple kernel interface revisions.  You could have
> found out about much newer code, and perhaps learned something about
> FUSE itself through a number of routes:

As I asked in your separate message, *where* is this new SULF you

Furthermore, the SULF project I referenced makes use of the FUSE
low-level API, at least that's what the ChangeLog and associated web
site says "The Fuse.dll library communicates with the FUSE kernel
module," which would be the low-level FUSE API...

> 1. ask about the state of SULF.  I would not have recommended starting
> with this defunct project,  nor recommended referencing it as an
> alternative.

The SULF site I referenced (http://arg0.net/users/vgough/sulf/) is the
top-most linked site at the time I was searching.

The SULF site I referenced is *still* the site listed in the FUSE Wiki:

Short of emailing you, I have no idea how I was supposed to find
anything more recent, especially since these older sites, which
presumably you still control, could have been updated to at least say
"this has been deprecated, please see the newer library _here_."

BTW, this would *still* be a good idea.

> 3. search this Mono list for FUSE related announcements

Searching my multi-year mono-list history for all messages with "FUSE"
in the subject brings up:

    "Re: [Mono-list] mod_mono MAKE confused on Apache version"
      - obvious match for "fuse" as a substring, not relevant
    "[Mono-list] ANN: Linux filesystems in C# (FUSE wrapper)"
      - Dated May 12, 2005, by Valient Gough <valient at gmail.com>
      - References http://pobox.com/~vgough/sulf
      - ...which redirects to http://arg0.net/users/vgough/sulf/

A *new* search (this morning) also brings up fusewrapper,
http://arg0.net/wiki/fusewrapper, so I assume this is the newer library

BTW, I see no messages with "fusewrapper" in the subject on either
mono-list or mono-devel-list.

 - Jon

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