[Mono-dev] VMWare machine, monodevelop, and some thoughts

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Tue Aug 29 17:42:54 EDT 2006


> So which one is more important?  My boss always says when everything's
> important, nothing is.  Microsoft has yet to release a version of the
> NET Framework without an associated version of Visual Studio.NET.  It
> would be nice to see a release cycle like this in the mono community,
> where a new version of the runtime is released either along with an
> accompanying version of MD, or new version of MD is released a short
> time later to update all language features.  I would love to work on
> MD/Linux full-time here, but we're stuck because those small number of
> features that exist in VS.NET completely kill the case for MD right
> now.

This is not likely going to happen any time soon;  The range of features
supported by Mono today is much larger than MonoDevelop, and the amount
of features that go into Mono make it hard for MonoDevelop to keep up,
specially with the current team size.

One option is to grow the MonoDevelop team, am open to hear ideas about
how to do this.

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