[Mono-dev] Why not NAnt? (was: Re: gendarme: nant build files)

Ympostor ympostor at clix.pt
Tue Aug 29 03:49:08 EDT 2006

Sebastien Pouliot wrote:
> I understand this issue, which is why I'm open to a third build system.
> But, like I said, I don't have any NAnt knowledge myself so someone else
> needs to step up for it ;-)

Sorry for my ignorance guys but, why do you prefer Makefile rather than 
NAnt. As I see, NAnt is a good way of batch-compiling which is 
cross-platform and doesn't depend on cygwin (and BTW, it is .NET based!, 
what is better than eating own dogfood?). Many issues evolve about the 
auto-tools stuff combined with the Makefile way, above all in Windows. 
In fact, KDE development team has already begun using CMake, which 
solves auto-tools issues and makes cygwin no longer necessary...

Just some random thoughts ;)



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