[Mono-dev] PPC create domain

Joachim Ante joe at otee.dk
Mon Aug 28 15:27:12 EDT 2006


I am having a bit of trouble getting domain creation under control on PPC

Very rarely i am getting this error:

** ERROR **: file mini-ppc.c: line 2329 (handle_thunk): assertion failed:
(pdata.found == 1)

Got a SIGABRT while executing native code. This usually indicates
a fatal error in the mono runtime or one of the native libraries
used by your application.


  at System.AppDomain.InvokeInDomain
(System.AppDomain,System.Reflection.MethodInfo,object,object[]) <0xffffffff>
  at System.AppDomain.InvokeInDomain
(System.AppDomain,System.Reflection.MethodInfo,object,object[]) <0x000bc>
  at System.AppDomain.InvokeInDomain
(System.AppDomain,System.Reflection.MethodInfo,object,object[]) <0x000b8>
  at System.Runtime.Remoting.RemotingServices.GetDomainProxy
(System.AppDomain) <0x000e4>
  at System.AppDomain.CreateDomain
(string,System.Security.Policy.Evidence,System.AppDomainSetup) <0x000f0>
  at System.AppDomain.CreateDomain (string) <0x0001c>
  at UnityEngine.UnityDomainLoad.CreateDomain () <0x000ac>
  at (wrapper runtime-invoke) System.Object.runtime_invoke_void
(object,intptr,intptr,intptr) <0x0005c>

To make things worse, we are sometimes running instances of embedded Mono
shared libraries. (They are in a different dylib file thus completely

I have a reproducable bug (But of course only in our web player and not
standalone) where I load one mono dylib, Create a domain in it. Then load
the other mono dylib, Create a new domain there. And in there i get a sigill

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