[Mono-dev] Building Mono on Linux/Alpha

Zoltan Varga vargaz at gmail.com
Mon Aug 28 15:14:26 EDT 2006


  Do you mean all tests pass inside mono/tests as well ?

As for get_vcall_slot_addr, the amd64 version is complex because the amd64
backend generates many types of call sequences. It needs to handle the
machine code generated for the CALL_REG and CALL_MEMBASE opcodes.

As for string.format (), it is a pretty complex method, try looking at
its source code
and convert it into a self contained testcase, then try to simplify it
until you find
the root of the problem.


On 8/28/06, Sergey Tikhonov <tsv at solvo.ru> wrote:
> Hello Zoltan,
> Well, all tests passed (except one in basic-float with precision).
> The "Hello world" program works. :)
> The mcs.exe still fails. :)
> So far I'am trying to understand why the following test fails:
>                 string af = string.Format("{0}", 1);
>                 Console.WriteLine(af);
> it outputs - 539802584 (I know it might be some kind of address).
> There is one thing that I couldn't find out. The
> mono_arch_get_vcall_slot_addr function for
> amd64 checks for 4 cases, but I've found just one - which loads method
> address from "this"
> and calls it. What other cases I should check for? Are there tests that
> could show it?
> Thank you,
> Sergey.
> tsv at solvo.ru
> Solvo Ltd.

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