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briaeros007 briaeros007 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 28 06:32:20 EDT 2006

In my work, i have to use mono with a specific thread library. Mono
with the use of this library show some race conditions that i've tried
to fixed.
In the patch we can see four modifications of the file mini.c.
The first two are modifications which avoid to put two times the same
fonction in a table (in this case , mono will abort).
The last modification (which corresponds to the two last modifications
on the patch) was done since we have plenty of bugs which aren't
reproductibles, but all theses bugs have this fonction as a common
point. In this way we have just extend the critical section. this
modifications permits to run our tests program without any scratch.

yours sincerely

Ps: the version of mono i used is the

Subete ga wakatta toki…watashi ga anta wo korosu.
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