[Mono-dev] Mach-o based exception handling

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Sun Aug 27 06:44:44 EDT 2006


latency wrote:
> I don't know how your Application runs that scripts, but from your short 
> description it seems that all of your user-scripts are being run from the 
> same application domain as the hosting programm.
> If you try to adopt your programm that those scripts are being run in separate 
> application domains exceptions in your script won't crash the whole programm, 
> just one single domain will die and invoke an UnhandledException event. That 
> event could then be taken to put that exception into whatever form or system 
> you might require.

The Mono runtime installs a SIGSEGV signal handler to be able
to catch NREs that occur in jitted code as null pointer dereferences.
For some silly reasons MacOSX ignores this handler and shows a
crash report dialog before it gives the control back to Mono.

This can't be fixed in managed code.


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