[Mono-dev] VMWare machine, monodevelop, and some thoughts

Carlos J. Muentes carlos at rockwithme.org
Fri Aug 25 15:24:48 EDT 2006

I agree, I think a debugger is essential in not only adaptation, but
decreasing development time and decreasing time-to-market.  Problem is,
there are a ton of things MD needs right now like:

- Debugger
- SCM integration
- More deployment options
- Support for all language features implemented in mono (like generics)

So which one is more important?  My boss always says when everything's
important, nothing is.  Microsoft has yet to release a version of the
.NET Framework without an associated version of Visual Studio.NET.  It
would be nice to see a release cycle like this in the mono community,
where a new version of the runtime is released either along with an
accompanying version of MD, or new version of MD is released a short
time later to update all language features.  I would love to work on
MD/Linux full-time here, but we're stuck because those small number of
features that exist in VS.NET completely kill the case for MD right

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> Subject: [Mono-dev] VMWare machine, monodevelop, and some thoughts
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> Date: Fri, August 25, 2006 1:42 pm
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> Hi,
> I have just downloaded the vmware machine, and I liked the appearance of the 
> monodevelop application. We are currently trying to finish our user 
> interface built on Windows Forms, adapting from Windows, and I liked the 
> monodevelop looks much more.
> Still, our project is about 100K c# loc, and we would really like to develop 
> on Linux, because we really want to support the platform. Developing on 
> Windows and testing on both platforms is what we have been doing for months 
> but, is not the same as having some developers working on Linux (plus, some 
> of us would really like to work with another OS).
> Our problem: we don't have a proper debugger. We wanted to move to Xdevelop, 
> but constant debugger changes make debugging on Linux almost impossible.
> So, how do you guys manage to develop on Linux. I mean, not having a 
> debugger has a deep impact in the development, everything gets slower. It 
> would be great having one. Is it installed by default with monodevelop on 
> the VMWare machine? I didn't find it.
> IMHO having a strong debugger, integrated with a strong IDE (even Eclipse), 
> would really boost Mono adoption. Ok, you guys know better, just what I 
> think. Mono/.NET is the best development technology I know (and I was really 
> reluctant at the beginning). Only remoting gives power to build great 
> software, and performance is very good too (remind COM :-( ). Even not 
> having reached 1.2, functionallity is wide enough to build full functional 
> systems. Adding functionality, again IMHO, shouldn't be a concern. So, I'm 
> sure debugger/IDE (and again taking a strong one could be the way to go, and 
> not reinventing the wheel), would be a huge step ahead.
> pablo 
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