[Mono-dev] Mach-o based exception handling

Joachim Ante joe at otee.dk
Fri Aug 25 14:52:00 EDT 2006


At the moment, if you are writing an application with mono on os x that has
any kind of gui and you encounter a null reference exception, the
application will pause for around 5 seconds, then OS X brings up a crash
report dialog. This is a pretty big issue for us, since our users can write
arbitrary scripts thus they might end up producing null reference

The problem is partly on apple's side (since a signal handler is installed,
no crash report should come up), but it hasn't been fixed yet and probably
will not be fixed in the future either.

There is a solution for it and that is using Mach-o based exceptions instead
of signals. This will get rid of the pause and the crash dialog popping up.

So we are extremely interested in getting this into mono, but filing the bug
around 1 year ago it's still not fixed and i understand if it is not
criticial for mono development.

So instead i am looking for some person who has experience with mono and is
willing to implement this feature for a 400$. If anyone is interested please
contact me.

Best regards
Joachim Ante

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