[Mono-dev] VMWare machine, monodevelop, and some thoughts

pablosantosluac pablosantosluac at terra.es
Fri Aug 25 13:42:53 EDT 2006


I have just downloaded the vmware machine, and I liked the appearance of the 
monodevelop application. We are currently trying to finish our user 
interface built on Windows Forms, adapting from Windows, and I liked the 
monodevelop looks much more.

Still, our project is about 100K c# loc, and we would really like to develop 
on Linux, because we really want to support the platform. Developing on 
Windows and testing on both platforms is what we have been doing for months 
but, is not the same as having some developers working on Linux (plus, some 
of us would really like to work with another OS).

Our problem: we don't have a proper debugger. We wanted to move to Xdevelop, 
but constant debugger changes make debugging on Linux almost impossible.

So, how do you guys manage to develop on Linux. I mean, not having a 
debugger has a deep impact in the development, everything gets slower. It 
would be great having one. Is it installed by default with monodevelop on 
the VMWare machine? I didn't find it.

IMHO having a strong debugger, integrated with a strong IDE (even Eclipse), 
would really boost Mono adoption. Ok, you guys know better, just what I 
think. Mono/.NET is the best development technology I know (and I was really 
reluctant at the beginning). Only remoting gives power to build great 
software, and performance is very good too (remind COM :-( ). Even not 
having reached 1.2, functionallity is wide enough to build full functional 
systems. Adding functionality, again IMHO, shouldn't be a concern. So, I'm 
sure debugger/IDE (and again taking a strong one could be the way to go, and 
not reinventing the wheel), would be a huge step ahead.


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