[Mono-dev] Where is mono_burg_arity supposed to be defined ?

Andreas Lagemann ae at Informatik.TU-Cottbus.DE
Fri Aug 25 07:44:23 EDT 2006

I'm trying to compile mono on WinXP because I want to use the mono 
runtime in a C++ application(i.e. embedding mono) running under windows. 
So in order to get a working libmono.lib I tried to compile mono from 
svn as described on the mono pages. So first I built the whole thing 
under cygwin. Then I opened mono.sln and went with clean sln and build 
sln. After adding a couple of files to the solution which were missing 
I'm stuck with an: "unresolved external symbol _mono_burg_arity". The 
mini.h file declares this as external so it's supposed to be linked in 
from some library or object file, but I can't figure out which file this 
could be. As it is apparently missing from the solution properties I 
would be glad if someone could tell me which file I have to add to the 
solution to get this build finished. There are other _mono_burg... 
symbols missing as well but I suppose there all in the same file.

Thanks in advance,

Andreas Lagemann

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