[Mono-dev] [PATCH] Generate Consts.vb from Consts.cs (new patch)

Ympostor ympostor at clix.pt
Thu Aug 24 10:30:28 EDT 2006

Kornél Pál wrote:
> I attached a cs2vb.cs that is functionally equivalent to cs2vb.pl. (I 
> created this just for fun to show how much easier it is in Perl.:)

I keep preferring C# :D

> I anybody has ideas how to compile a C# program before compiling 
> anything else help is welcome otherwise I think the previously attached 
> cs2vb.pl is the best solution.

Hey, if the conversion tool is made with C#, you need to compile the 
runtime first but, when is this tool needed? I suppose it is only for 
the VB part. Why not compiling all the C# stuff, compile this tool, and 
then all the VB part?



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