[Mono-dev] NullReferenceException thrown inside catch

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Thu Aug 24 09:12:45 EDT 2006


Janne Rantala wrote:
> I found out that when NullReferenceException is thrown inside catch
> clause in embedded environment, Mono crashes. Normally when method is
> invoked with mono_runtime_invoke, exceptions are stored in MonoObject
> but somehow this does not happen in this case.
> This happened when I tried to print out message from InnerException
> which didn't exist.
> Here is the code, without that Console.WriteLine it works ok
> (exception is stored in MonoObject).

Here is another simple sample:

public void CrashMe ()
	null.Equals (null);

It seems that a "true" SIGSEGV (generated by native JIT code)
cannot be caught by mono_runtime_invoke ().

Please file a bug, if no one objects (it could be by design).


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