[Mono-dev] Application deployment questions

Lucifer luciferjeng at x-legend.com.tw
Thu Aug 24 03:38:34 EDT 2006

Hi everyone,

I have read this article though sill not quite understand how to do it.

The normal way to run an application compiled with Mono would be to invoke
it through the Mono runtime, like this: mono myprogram.exe
However, I have to deploy my application to end users that are not supposed
to have Mono runtime/libs installed.

What's the best practice for deployment?

I'm planning on packing my application EXE with required DLLs such as
intl.dll, libglib-2.0-0.dll, mono-1.dll, etc., and the mono.exe.
Is it a feasible way to do?
Would it be a better way if I embed Mono runtime(mono.exe) in my
In addition, I checked out mkbundle.exe to realize that it is for Linux only
that is unable to use it for Win32 or MacOSX.

Second question:
While Mono.exe startup, it would search '\mono\2.0\' path for 'mscorlib.dll'
even if I write code such as: mono_set_dirs("", "") to change its search
I tried to place 'mscorlib.dll' in the same directory with my application
EXE but it's not worked and the assembly can't be found.
How could I do it right?

Any comments/suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advanced.


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