[Mono-dev] Embedded Mono/Program freezes

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Sat Aug 19 16:22:05 EDT 2006

Janne Rantala wrote:
> You said earlier that mono_runtime_exec_managed_code also shuts down
> the runtime, even if it does that, is it a problem in my case? Because

I said: if I understand the code correctly. There is definitely
some clean up code involved.

> when I run that program two times everything still works fine but I
> get that "The request timed out". Is it because that runtime shutdown
> or something else?

Last time you wrote that the second request is timing out.

If the third is timing out, we are back to the first
guess: the socket connection to the web server is remaining open.

Try this:

System.Net.ServicePointManager.DefaultConnectionLimit = 10;

If you can connect 10 times now, then mono_runtime_exec_managed_code
is somehow preventing the sockets from being cleaned up.


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