[Mono-dev] Embedded Mono/Program freezes

Janne Rantala janne.rantala at gmail.com
Sat Aug 19 03:17:17 EDT 2006

2006/8/19, Robert Jordan <robertj at gmx.net>:
> You wrote that you're using mono_runtime_exec_managed_code ().
> If I understand the code correctly, the function will shutdown
> the runtime after the callback terminates. That's probably not
> what you expect, isn't it?
> Try mono_thread_attach () instead of *_exec_managed_code ().
> Note that runtime must reside in a DLL, otherwise
> mono_thread_attach () would fail under Windows.
> Robert

If I do that, I get "Fatal error in gc, collecting from unknown
thread" -error when executing managed code.


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