[Mono-dev] Embedded Mono/Program freezes

Janne Rantala janne.rantala at gmail.com
Fri Aug 18 15:08:20 EDT 2006


2006/8/18, Robert Jordan <robertj at gmx.net>:
> Hey,
> Why do I have to deduce from other of your posts what you're
> trying to do? :-) Please try to be more detailed.

Sorry about that, you did fine job crawling those posts though :)

> I understand you have a server app which embeds mono (under Windows)
> and which sometimes acts as a *WebService client*.
> At least I can deduce this from the trace and from your previous mails.

That is correct. That's also almost the same text I wrote in my previous post :)

> Now to the bug: Web servers usually deny more then 2 open
> connections from a specific client. Since your server
> acts on behalf of its clients, you're probably somehow
> reaching the limit.

After reading your reply I thought that this must have been the
reason. So I set up a web server to my machine and tried accessing one
service from there. First went ok, but second attempt gave "The
request timed out" message. First and successful attempt was logged in
web server but there was no trace of the second one.

I think that the reason I thought that program froze earlier was
because I tried accessing public server and it just kept waiting so

But it definitely looks like Mono is trying to do something but fails?

> Robert


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