[Mono-dev] local file based EventLog implementation

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Fri Aug 18 10:19:11 EDT 2006

Gert Driesen wrote:
> b) adding EventLogMessages.dll to the binary distributions (for win32, and
> linux too)
> If we do not get approval for (b) (not sure why, but could be ofcourse),
> then we could still embed the dll into the System assembly and extract it at
> runtime (if it doesn't exist yet).  But I'd rather avoid this.

The Debian folks usually don't accept binaries. I wish you
good luck to explain them the difference between a managed
DLL, an unmanaged DLL and an unmanaged DLL consisting of
just one PE resource :-)

> In what form should EventLogMessage.dll added to svn (and the source
> distributions) ? Can we juist include it as is, or do we need to build it at
> compile time ?

Please excuse my ignorance, but why on earth do we need
EventLogMessage.dll with its PE resources under Unix?

I understand why it's needed for Win32 and even why
Win32 demands it (performance and log file size optimization),
but since MS.NET installs EventLogMessage.dll, no one will
ever use resource DLLs with .NET, IMO. No one wants
to deal with MC and RC just for eventlogging's sake.


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