[Mono-dev] XSP Problem : System.Exception: Error reading headers.

Hubert FONGARNAND informatique.internet at fiducial.fr
Fri Aug 18 04:21:45 EDT 2006

Ok, most of problems seems to be solved thanks to Miguel

BUT when i've seen the changelog : 
 * image.c (full_path): A new method used to obtain the actual path
        of an assembly even in the presence of symbolic links.

        This is necessary for the case where we are running a binary
        has been GACed, but we are using the "published" path name
        ($prefix/mono/1.0/blah.exe) which happens to point to the real
        file in the GAC.

        This was the source of the failure for the `xsp' command with
        recent AppDomain changes, as far as the runtime was concerned,
        there were two different assemblies: $prefix/mono/1.0/blah.exe

and this cause many problems with my applications...
Because many of them use the same libraries and I use symbolic links in
the /bin directory to share them... I don't want to use the Gac because
many of them are not strong signed!

Now i've this error when I launch my application :

Description: Error compiling a resource required to service this
request. Review your source file and modify it to fix this error. 

Error message: 
(0,0) : error CS0006: Cannot find assembly
(0,0) : error CS0006: Cannot find assembly

In fact there's a symbolic
link /home/hubert/applications/IntranetAdmin/bin/Infragistics.WebUI.Shared.v6.1.dll that point to /home/hubert/applications/Librairies/Infragistics.WebUI.UltraWebNavigator.v6.1.dll !!!

It used to work well...

Symbolic link are an important feature of UNIX 

Le jeudi 17 août 2006 à 11:04 -0500, Brian Crowell a écrit :

> Robert Jordan wrote:
> > This is related to this bugfix:
> > 
> > http://bugzilla.ximian.com/show_bug.cgi?id=76757
> http://bugzilla.ximian.com/showattachment.cgi?attach_id=17200
> You guys might want to look at the part of this patch that applies to the class 
> libraries, as I found some really silly things going on in there.
> --Brian
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