[Mono-dev] local file based EventLog implementation

Kornél Pál kornelpal at gmail.com
Thu Aug 17 13:59:08 EDT 2006


>> The attached EventLogMessages.zip contains my implementation of
>> EventLogMessages.dll that is required when using Windows Event Logging
>> API.
>> Note that the included EventLogMessages.cmd (requires Platform SDK
>> tools) is able to create EventLogMessages.dll.
>> I hope now everyting is clear about this DLL file.
>Do you happen to know if something comparable exists for unix ?

Actually it's quite difficult to me to understand what are you going to 
implement on Unix.:)

You can't use Windows API on Unix but you were talking about all the time. 
Everything I said is about the Windows API.

A EventLogMessages.dll is required if you want to use the Windows API. If 
you are using a custom event log then it's easier not to be based on an 
EventLogMessages.dll but store the messages directly in the log.

If you are using some existing event log provider (don't know whether there 
is such thing on Unix) then it's requirements depend on that provider so I 
don't know.


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