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What about using UTF-8 (without BOM) in ChangeLog? It may sound weird but I 
personally have no problem with using Kanji (or using other non-Latin 
scripts) when using UTF-8 altough using Latin characters are more likely to 
be readable by every people looking at the files (as we use English). So 
using Latin scripts seem to be more reasonable.:) But I personally see 
nothing wrong about optionally including names in alternative scripts in 
addition to Latin representations.

Currently .cs files are compiled either as Latin 1 (default) or as UTF-8 
(when set in Makefile of the assembly, but anything else could be set) so I 
think the appropriate encoding can be used in source files.

Apart from the above things using \u#### and \U######## escape sequences for 
non-ASCII characters in string literals ensures that the code functions 
correctly. Compilers ignore comments so incorrectly encoded characters in 
comments can cause little harm if any.


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> Hello guys,
> When you edit text files, please stick to ASCII as long as possible.
> We are likely to have some problems with non-ASCII letters like
> this case (the editor or whatever related somehow terminated at
> 'ł', U+0142, which is even not in Latin1).
> As long as you guys use non-ASCII letters, this kind of accident
> could happen continuously (unless asking people to edit
> source code and ChangeLogs in binary editors makes sense).
> I can write my Kanji (Chinese) name in my ChangeLog entries but I
> dare not do since it will mess non-CJK people and I cannot be
> that proud of my Kanji name in front of you guys' cost.
> If you guys say we should still stick to Latin1, never write
> Jarosław's name on ChangeLog as is. (Does it sound cruel? but that's
> the consequence that "use Latin1" results for him. Face the reality.)
> Atsushi Eno
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